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How to Cut A Wine Bottle at Home!

Full Tutorial. Watch the bottle break on camera!

Written Tutorial: Cut a Wine Bottle


  1. Wine Bottle/Beer Bottle/Soda Bottle (GLASS)
    • TIP: Use a thinner glass bottle for the first couple attempts until you get the hang of it.
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  2. Acetone/Nail Polish Remover or Lighter Fluid & small dish
    • TIP: Lighter Fluid burns hotter and longer, results were more consistent (bottle broke on first attempt). Acetone tends to go out quicker and required 2-3 attempts per bottle
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  3. Cotton String/Yarn/Shoe Lace
  4. ICE water & Bucket– at least as tall as your bottle
  5. Lighter
  6. Scissors
  7. Rag
  8. * Well Ventilated Area!* Be smart, you’re using flammable liquid….

The Process:

  1. Remove labels from bottles (if you want to keep the label, just cut the bottle 2″ above the top of the label)
  2. Tie your STRING around the bottle
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    • Wrap String/Yarn around bottle AT LEAST 3 times. Make sure the string is tight.
  3. Secure String with a knot or a small piece of floral wire/bread tie wire. Cut off as much excess string as possible
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  4. Slide string off of bottle
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  5. Pour acetone or lighter fluid into your dish. (I used lighter fluid). Soak the String for at least 10 seconds
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  6. Put string back onto the glass bottle just below where you want it to be cut. Wipe away excess fluid that may be on the bottle with a rag.
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  7. Fill a bucket with COLD WATER & ICE. (*It will NOT work without ice water)
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  8. Light the string on fire with a lighter and begin to spin the bottle
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    • Continue to rotate the bottle….
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  9. When the flame looks like it is about to go out, quickly dunk the bottle into the bucket of ice water
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  10. AND….. your bottle should split into 2 separate halves almost instantly. The abrupt temperature change from very hot to ice cold is what causes the break to occur.
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Watch me cut a bottle using this method in the video at the top of this post!

Here’s what I made with my bottles!

For mini tutorials on how I made these, Check out: DIY Repurposed Wine Bottles

Check out DIY Repurposed Wine Bottles to see how I made these candles and votive holders!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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