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How to make Candles like these:

Votive Holders

  • For Top half of glass bottles:
    • Place in a tray. Add sand, marbles, stones, etc…
  • For Bottom half of glass bottles:
  • Fill with sand, marbles, shells, etc… Place tealight inside.
    • Perfect for your bottles that may have broken unevenly!

Hanging Candle Holder

  • Sand down edges of top half of bottle
  • NEEDS: Costume Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, charms) or Chain, Metal Lid (I used mason jar lid), pliers, sharp object to poke holes in metal/tin.
  • Disassemble jewelry, thread chain through the top of bottle.
  • Use a Key Chain ring or something that will not fit through the neck of the bottle (I used old metal bangle bracelets, bent them into a oval, and pushed them into the neck of the bottle.)
  • Poke 3 holes at equal distances apart into the edges of Metal Lid
  • Secure with chain pieces (I used metal clasps and rings from old jewelry), and attach/suspend from chain running through the bottle.

Here’s the link to my Bottle Cutting Tutorial!

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