Photo gallery of Spare Room Revamp. Useless spare room transformed into inspiring art studio!

This room has been tricky since day one. It has 2 closets, 2 entrances (1 from the bedroom & 1 from the entryway), a bay window, and it’s just funky all around.

After revamping the bedroom (See “Bland to Boho: Bedroom Revamp in earlier posts) this room became a ‘dumping ground’ for clothes, bags, and overall just ineffective storage. SO, that meant…. it was time for a project! I decided to turn this room into the ‘Crafty Art Studio’ I always wanted. I had a vision of an inspiring space that was visually stimulating, while still being practical and organized.

The photos below show this room’s journey from “Dull to Dreamy” & Spare Room to Craft Studio. PLUS some hidden treasures found in the process.


Definitely a huge improvement. I love my new crafty art studio.

And… It still functions as a spare room for guests! I replaced the bay window pillows with a twin gel mattress, and kept the couch for extra sleeping space as well.

What do you think of this room’s transformation?

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