Photo gallery of Bedroom Revamp: From Bland to Boho!

This bedroom had quite a journey from where it started as a homely living-room. This transformation happened over the course of about two weeks. Beginning with ripping up the carpets, followed by applying fabric as wallpaper for an accent wall (See my “DIY Fabric as wallpaper” post, tagged at the bottom of this post). I’m a renter and I initially planned on laying new flooring, but after seeing what was underneath this carpet, I decided to save myself the money and layer some rugs instead. (btw, my landlord gave me the okay for all these projects 😉 )

Take a look at this stunning transformation! It’s like night and day!

Decorating is an ongoing process for those who find joy in doing it. This room will never be “totally finished” but I love the direction it’s going. I LOVE my “Boho Bedroom”. Eclectic, unconventional, and charming.

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