Photo Gallery of Kitchen Revamp

Take a look at this kitchen’s photo journey! This revamp took approximately 3 days. I took this task on alone, mostly because I had no game-plan going in. I wanted to roll with the punches and the result so far has been better than I imagined.

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When you enjoy decorating, projects like these are ever evolving. I’ll continue to update this post as my kitchen changes and rearranges. Thanks for looking! Leave a comment and tell me what you think 🙂

And that’s the journey. Head over to my blog for more photo galleries of my home revamp projects!

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DIY Re-Purposed Wine Bottles. Candles, Votive Holders, & More!

Scroll to bottom of this post for the Link to: “CUTTING GLASS BOTTLE TUTORIAL” CANDLES How to make Candles like these: Votive Holders For Top half of glass bottles:Place in a tray. Add sand, marbles, stones, etc…For Bottom half of glass bottles: Fill with sand, marbles, shells, etc… Place tealight inside.Perfect for your bottles that…

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